You think outside the box. Shouldn't the novels you read do that, too? 

Hi, I'm Ginny 

I write books for the unique and unrepeatable, for teens and adults who don’t quite fit the mold.

I tell stories about love, friendship, faith, I write novels about love, friendship, faith, and family starring strong, differently-wired characters.

My whole family is neurodivergent,

including my husband and me. 

We have three neurodivergent kids. We're a creative, quirky, exceptional bunch of people. 

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Blink and We'll Miss It

My debut novel, perfect for fans of A Million Junes and Amelia Unabridged. A clean coming-of-age tale of resilience, friendship, and love, Blink and We'll Miss It has a touch of mystery, a sprinkling of magic, and a boatload of Outer Banks vibes. 

What can you expect from my fiction?

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Book Reviews

"Perfect for teens, young adults, or anyone who remembers their first love with fondness, Ginny Kochis’ "Blink and We’ll Miss It" not only explores the pain that ripples through families that struggle with mental illness, but the real meanings of unconditional friendship, love and forgiveness."
BLINK, AND WE’LL MISS IT is a phenomenal debut novel from a powerful new voice in the YA genre. Ginny puts such life and vibrancy in her characters, Mae in particular.  She's crafted a story of unabashed honesty and genuine coming-of-age truth, with a hint of magical realism. 
I can’t recommend this novel enough and I can’t wait to see what Ginny does next.

Robert Kugler, Award-winning author of the Avery and Angela Series

Mae is an engaging character who pulls you into her world and lets you get settled in, desperate to know more about the blinks, about her family, about her fears and worries. I adored the friendships, and the ups and downs, twists and turns that were told perfectly through the story. Had me hooked until the very end. 

Joey Paul, Multi-award winning Author of Lights Out

Ginny Kochis is a unique voice in teen fiction. The rolling surf of the North Carolina shoreline has nothing on her wonderful, emotional rollercoaster story, “Blink and We’ll Miss It.” Full of wit, pain, and a touch of magical realism, Kochis is able to weave thought and action with a
depth that captivates. With Southern charm and a hint of unreality, Kochis has written a poignant tribute to teens dealing with special needs.

Erin Broestl, Professional editor and author of God Made the Moonlight

A great read, with the character development, plot, and mystery all drawing attention forward until the last page. Enjoyable, and at parts challenging, the story was clean without feeling "sterile". An excellent contribution to YA fiction that I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Amazon Review

Mae's struggle to find normalcy will pull at your heartstrings, but you will be uplifted by this coming-of-age tale of resilience, friendship, and love.

Goodreads Review

Ginny's books handle sensitive topics with beauty and grace. Emotionally gripping and poignant scenes are often followed up with gentle, witty humor, balancing out the impact of real-life difficulties

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