Ginny Kochis writes books for the unique and unrepeatable, for teens and adults who don’t quite fit the mold. She tells stories about love, friendship, faith, and family starring differently-wired characters.

Since 2016, Ginny has supported Christian families raising differently-wired children through her online community, Not So Formulaic. She has been a contributing writer for Fat Brain Toys, The Mighty, Catholic Mom, and GHF. A former high school English teacher and Adjunct Professor of Developmental English, Ginny has over twenty years of experience teaching writing and literature.

While Ginny lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and three children, she’s happiest on the shores of the Neuse River. All she needs is her family splashing around in the water and a good book in her hand. Blink and We’ll Miss It is her fiction debut.

In my own words...

About Blink and We'll Miss It, my fiction debut: 

While I’ve changed some of the details to fit Mae’s story, Minnesott Beach, North Carolina does, in fact, exist. It’s a beautiful little town along the Neuse River, about forty miles from the Atlantic Ocean and the southern edge of the Outer Banks. 

The indigenous Algonquin tribes called the area “TaTaku,” the place where land and sky meet the water. It’s true: you really can stand on the shores of the Neuse and have a hard time discerning one from the other. It’s a place unlike any I’ve visited on earth. 

I am privileged to have roots there, first planted in the late sixteenth century. My grandmother was born in 1904 in a still-standing white farmhouse in town. She and her sisters were a wild, creative bunch, each with her own quirk or difference. My great-aunt Lila Gray struggled the most out of all them. Her story became the inspiration for Blink and We'll Miss It.

I thank God every day that mental health issues are no longer as taboo as they once were. We’ve still got a long way to go, but as someone who comes from a long line of brilliant, differently-wired women, I can’t help but be grateful for the change. We can talk about mental health now. Therapy doesn’t have to be a secret. And being different isn’t something we have to fear. We can be who we are, unique and unrepeatable — exactly as God designed us to be. 

If you find yourself reflected in the pages of Mae’s story, I hope it is a comfort to you. Please don’t be afraid to reach out, to speak up, to ask for support or to be someone’s support system. You are needed, you are loved, and you are valued. The world is brighter because you exist.  

If you are struggling and need help, reach out to your loved ones or the following organizations: 

IASP Worldwide

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

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