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Blink and We'll Miss It


When she thought she was leaving Minnesott for good. It might have been the move. It’s probably the lack of stress now that her mom is stable. All Mae knows is that her world no longer shifts, and she doesn’t glimpse people from the past or fall into their private moments. As long as she can go to school, keep her friends at arm’s length, and make sure Mom takes her medication, she’ll have a solid end to junior year.

Except stability breeds complacency, and when Mae’s not looking, life falls apart. Reeling from a tragedy she should have seen coming, Mae returns to her grandparents’ centuries-old house on the Carolina coast, to the friendships she destroyed and the stoic, dark-haired boy who makes her heart ache. Back to the blinks that plague her mental health.

As Mae’s blinks ramp up in intensity and frequency, she discovers an unsettling truth. Her greatest fear is the key to healing old, brutal wounds and unearthing family secrets that sparked a bitter feud. Torn between loyalty to the friends she once loved and protection from the pain of starting over, Mae must decide if she can open her heart. Not just to the life she let go, but to the parts of herself she’d rather keep hidden. Blink and We’ll Miss It is a poignant, swoon-worthy novel about finding the strength to forgive, the courage to move forward, and the vulnerability to fall in love.

Perfect for teens and adults alike, Blink and We'll Miss It is a clean coming-of-age-tale featuring

  • Real-life small town vibes
  • Ride-or-die childhood best friends
  • A touch of mystery, a sprinkling of magic, and strong, differently-wired characters 

Meet The Characters 

Mae Griffin: aspiring writer; hard on herself; constantly wonders if she might be losing it; prickly because she’s scared

Ezra Sutton: fraternal twin; sailor; mechanic; boat builder; stoic softy with a generous heart

Van Sutton: Fraternal twin
Lover of vintage fashion
Champion of the underdog
Strong-willed and in charge. Basically.

Mason Copley: Fronts a band unironically; keeps score in minigolf; likes pork rinds with his ice cream; ADHD; Zero impulse control and huge hugs.

Lil Rooney: Everyone's adopted grandma. Knows every secret in Minnesott. Might be more supernatural than human. Nobody really knows.

Nathan Cartwright: Groundskeeper at Pinecliff. Loves Mae like she's his own. Was in love with Dewitt when they were younger. A grown-up Gilbert Blythe.

Luther Griffin: Mae's grandfather. A pillar of the community. In charge; nobody says no to him, ever. Loves his family fiercely. 

Dora Bell Griffin: Mae's grandmother, also known as Deebie. Elegant. Won the Shrimp Fest Queen title when she was a teen. The very definition of a steel magnolia.

First loves, best friends and relaxing summers on the beautiful North Carolina coast: sounds like every teenager’s dream. But add in long-buried generational secrets, a parent with untreated bipolar disorder, and the occasional “blink” (protagonist Mae Griffin’s code word for her episodes of time travel), and the dream easily turns into a nightmare. Perfect for teens, young adults, or anyone who remembers their first love with fondness, Ginny Kochis’ Blink and We’ll Miss It not explores the pain that ripples through families that struggle with mental illness, but the real meanings of unconditional friendship, love and forgiveness. 

Christy Gualtieri

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mae is an engaging character who pulls you into her world and lets you get settled in, desperate to know more about the blinks, about her family, about her fears and worries. I adored the friendships, and the ups and downs, twists and turns that were told perfectly through the story. Had me hooked until the very end. 

Joey Paul

Award-winning author of Lights Out

Read Blink and We'll Miss It, a sweet, swoony coming-of-age tale of resilience, friendship, and love

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