Summer Workshop for young Writers | June 4 to August 13, 2024

Novel Writing with author and educator [Ginny Kochis]

Have a novel Idea? 

Let's Write It! 

Join my summer intensive for teen authors and write a novel readers can't put down. 

Taught using a unique flipped classroom approach, each once-weekly virtual session devotes twenty minutes to craft and forty minutes (or more!) to workshop

Get expert instruction and feedback from author and educator Ginny Kochis.

Share your work and experiences with your peers.

Draft, write, and revise the book you've been dreaming about -- THIS SUMMER.

Intensive Date and Time

Tuesdays | 4 PM [EST] 

June 4 to August 13, 2024 (on Zoom)


[Ginny Kochis] 

Learn more about Ginny here.

How it Works

Before class:

Watch, read, or listen to the week's lesson on craft

Apply what you learned in your writing for the week 

If you have work you want to share, submit it to Google Docs by the deadline

Read and comment on your small group's submissions

During class:

Log into Zoom on Tuesdays

Participate in discussions 

What You'll Learn

Lesson One: What is a Novel?

Brainstorming; Genre; Pantsing vs plotting; Research and creative license; Writing what you know (or not)

Lesson Two: The Workshop

How to get the feedback you need; how to give feedback generously; the do's and don'ts of offering and receiving feedback/criticism

Lesson Three: Character 

Growth and development; Character types; beliefs/false beliefs and how they impact your characters' stories; making your characters tick

Lesson Four: Plot

Basic and advanced plot structure; A story vs B story (and how to play them out); Conflict types (and creating tension); Info dumping (what it is and how to avoid it)

Lesson Five: Point of View

Basic types of point of view and why they matter; Reliable vs unreliable narrators; Filtering and how to avoid it

Lesson Six: Dialogue

Dialogue's purpose; writing effective and realistic dialogue; stylistic decisions (distinctive speech, accents, etc.); dialogue tags and alternatives

Lesson Seven: Setting 

Creating a sense of place; setting as character; world building; effective description (how to do it well and just enough)

Lesson Eight: Style, Mood, and Imagery

Showing versus telling; too much detail vs not enough; the antidote to info dumping; sentence length and word choice 

Lesson Nine: Revision

Why it matters; why we hate it; how to do it effectively 

Lesson Ten: Publication

Exploring options

Lesson Eleven: Workshop

Revision and sharing intensive

Lesson Twelve: Workshop

Revision and sharing intensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a draft to start the intensive?

Nope! If you've got an idea or a work in progress, fantastic! Let's get to work. If you're still figuring things out, or have a vague idea of what you want to write about, excellent! Get ready to bring your ideas to life.

What happens if I miss a session?

On vacation or your Tuesday gets extra busy? No worries -- we'll get you all caught up.

You can still upload your work for comments and experience the lessons around your schedule. 

What ages is this for, and how much does it cost? 

This workshop is suitable for authors 12 to 18. Depending upon course make-up, I may divide writers into age-appropriate cohorts. The cost of the summer intensive is $50/month. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out!